DEVILCASE Aluminum Charging Dock for iPhone

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This aluminum charging dock is for iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6+/6s+, iPhone 7/7+, definitely compatible with DEVILCASE bumper case but not sure about whether it can goes with other bumper case or not.

When you place an order, please choose “compatible with bumper case” or compatible with just phone”, depends on your habit, you can also adjust the height by yourself.

If your prefer Apple’s original cable, exchange to it then.


Bumper case, glass protector and lens protector protects your phone completely.


Bumper Case :

Glass Protector :

Lens Protector :

Charging Cable




1. Aluminum charging dock

2. Mfi charging cable

3. A pair of backup screws

4. Hex key

5. Transparent plastic plate x 1



How to use Aluminum Charging Dock

0:01 – Introduce DEVILCASE Aluminum Charging Dock

0:42 – Put the phone without bumper case on Dock

0:55 – Put the phone with bumper case on Dock

1:05 – Settle the Dock on table

1:39 – Separate the Dock to adjust the height

3:27 – Adjust the cable and jig insides the Dock

4:16 – Introduce the difference of two sides of plastic plate
(The side with fillister faces the backward of Dock : suits phone without case)
(The side that totally flat faces the backward of Dock : suits phone with bumper case)

4:37 – Tighten the jig in Dock

5:26 – Test before locking the bottom of Dock (with SPIGEN bumper case)

5:50 – Lock the bottom of Dock

6:23 – Settle the Dock on table

6:58 – Phone with SPIGEN bumper case on Dock

7:01 – Phone with Odyssey bumper case on Dock

7:23 – iPhone 6+ with DEVILCASE on Dock

8:54 – iPhone 6 with plastic case on Dock








Champagne Gold

With TYPE X bumper case .

Champagne Gold aluminum charging dock without bumper case.





With aluminum bumper case.

Red aluminum charging dock without bumper case.



With aluminum bumper case.


Black aluminum charging dock without bumper case.




With aluminum bumper case.

Silver aluminum charging dock without bumper case.







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