DEVILCASE Lens Protector

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Material: PET


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!! Buy one, get one free !!

For example: If you buy one iPhone 6, we will send two sets of it. Gifts have to be the same model. 




for OPPO R9s/F1s



How to Apply Lens Protector for SONY XZ/XC

(we will put English subtitle on it later)



How to Apply Lens Protector for iPhone 6 (4.7 inches)

It's the same way to install other kinds of lens protector, so we didn't film teaching video for other models, please feel free to mail us if you have any question:


00:36 - Put your phone on anti-slip pad

00:47 - Use cleaning pad to wipe lens if it's stained

01:37 - Bend the transparent base to make lens protector peels off from where arrow pointing at

02:15 - Use tweezer to pick up the lens protector and put it on lens

02:38 - Press it a little , make all the bubble disappear

02:40 - Peel off the blue outside layer

03:35 - Lens protector on Samsung Galaxy Note4

03:40 - Lens protector on SONY Xperia Z3

03:50 -  Lens protector on HTC One M8




1. PET Laser Cut Lens Protector * 1 Set (different kind of phone comes with different quantity)

2. DIY Toolkets (Anti-slip Mat * 1, Microfiber Cloth * 1, Tweezer * 1, Dust Removal Sticker * 2)


HTC One M8 - Set of two for each lens.

HTC One M9+ - Set of three for front lens and two lens behind.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S7 and S7 edge - Set of two for lens and flash light.

Sony Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact, M4 Aqua and Z Ultra shares the same size.

SONY Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium shares the same size.

iPhone 6, 6s and SE shares the same size.




for Sony XZ/XC


for iPhone 7/7+


for hTC10


for hTC M9+


for Apple Watch




We pack item with hard paper box, you don't have to worry about item damaged during delivering.


Return & Exchange

If you need to return or exchange our product, please make sure that the item you have is unused and brand new.



Q & A

Q : Would it affects the quality of photo?

A : Protector on lens can definitely causes different quality of photo, but it’s hard to find out.

The result we have is that we barely tell different by eyes (monitor: Apple iMac 5K, camera: HTC RE)


Q : What’s its thickness? Why doesn’t it made of glass?

A : It’s PET that imported from Japan, the thickness is about 0.1 mm, if we produce it with glass, it has to be at least 0.2~0.3 mm and it causes more refraction – which affects the quality of photo.

Meanwhile, glass would be so much expensive than PET.


Q : Will the Customs charges me for the package?

A : The shipping fee is not includes the Customs tax, we will not ask customer before sending.

We are not familiar to how every countries rule their Customs, but we did get some complains about the Customs charged extra fee from customers from Europe and Israel.

If you would require us to declare certain value or package category (documents/gift/sample/Merchandise/others) you want, please mark on your order or mail us before sending, don't mark it on PayPal bill; but if the package missing unfortunately, EMS will only compensates the value we declared, and you have to consider about any consequence of it.

If you refuse the package because of tax, we can only refund the value of item without delivery fee after we receive the item, Taiwan EMS wouldn’t refund the delivery fee back to you or us, neither.

If you need invoice for the Customs, kindly mark on your order (not on PayPal bill), we can send with package .