IPhone Texture Design Transparent Back Cover Skin

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Black & Jet Black iPhone 7/7+ is ONLY compatible with SMALL version.

Please DO MAKE SURE choosing SMALL version for your Black & Jet Black iPhone 7/7+

The material of back cover skin is PVC, it might get shrunk (around 1 mm) due to some factors.

Basically, the shrunk tolerance won't be an issue for the camera and other openings, it doesn’t affect the application as well, however, before you purchase this product, please be sure the shrunk tolerance is acceptable for you.

Please be noted the shrunk tolerance is not including in our refund, return and exchange policy.

You may have more information through below video.







for iPhone 7/7+



Back cover skin is really expendable, we suggest you order several back cover skins at once in case you install it in wrong way.


How to Apply Back Cover Skin for iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+

* This video hasn't been updated, anti-slip pad and bubble removing card that didn't mentioned are all come with back cover skin as tool for installing.

* By "scrape" that mentioned in this video, it's more like "smooth and press the back cover skin to settle it".

02:10 - Take down the bumper case before installing back cover skin

03:00 - How to apply back cover skin

05:30 - What if bubble remains in it


How to Apply Back Cover Skin for iPhone 5/5s/SE

* By "scrape" that mentioned in this video, it's more like "smooth and press the back cover skin to settle it".




1. Hairline/Transparent Series Back Sticker * 1

2. DIY Toolkets (Anti-slip Mat * 1, Dry/Wet Wipe * 1, Dust Removal Sticker * 2, Squeegee Card * 1)




Transparent leather-like back cover skin


Transparent straight line back cover skin


Transparent cross line back cover skin


Transparent matte back cover skin




1. Put the phone on anti-slip pad.

2. Use Alcohol pad to wipe the back of phone gently and use DRY cleaning pad to dry all the fluids.

3. Use dust cleaning sticker to dust the back of phone.

4. Peel the back cover skin off till the bottom of holes for lens and flash light, don’t peel it too much.

5. Bend the based layer backwards and press to settle it.

6. Try to match back cover skin with phone, aim those holes then make sure that it’s straight and unleaning.

7. Press the upper part to settle it if you are sure about the position.

8. Use the card and the side with cloth to smooth from top to the end at once.

9. Press the edge of back cover skin to settle it better, you can even use hair dryer to heat it.

10. Done.




We pack item with hard paper box, you don't have to worry about item damaged during delivering.


Return & Exchange

If you need to return or exchange our product, please make sure that the item you have is unused and brand new.



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