DEVILCASE Laser Cut Screen Protector

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for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 7 - Transparent (Small version) (Sold Out)



How to Apply Laser Cut Screen Protector for HTC One M9

(Please watch our video before applying, in case it goes wrong.)

00:58 - Peel off the screen protector

01:54 - How to install lens protector (click here to order)

03:19 - How to install transparent version screen protector 

05:07 - How to install blue light filter version of screen protector

07:40 - Compare transparent with blue light filter version




1. Laser Cut Screen Protector *1

2. DIY Toolkits (Anti-slip Mat *1, Microfiber Cloth *1, Tweezer *1, Dust Removal Sticker *2)




Transparent version for hTC 10


Blue light filter version for hTC 10

There’s no bubble around after installing.


Holes for speaker and light sensor are precisely cut.






We pack item with hard paper box, you don't have to worry about item damaged during delivering.


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