About Us

The Beginning

DEVILCASE is a Taiwan brand that traditional industry rebuilt , it was a CNC equipment manufacturer , after 2008 financial crisis , orders became fewer and fewer , the manufacturer that had insufficient fund inherent couldn’t sustain tens of thousand dollars expenditure every month anymore , it’s a common predicament that many factories run by family in Taiwan have to face , even you work so hard , the market just won’t be yours .


The Turning Point

“ If the trend of the times wouldn’t provide us a chance , we create our own trend ! ” the manufacturer owner’s eldest son suggested one day .

The eldest son which masters of mechanical manufacturing started to design the whole new product , the manufacturer owner led the staffs to produce it , and the youngest son put them on sell , it started selling on Taiwan internet online shop , DEVILCASE evolved day by day , now we amaze Asia with more than twenty years of experience in aluminum technics , and have been sold tens of thousands bumper cases till now.



DEVILCASE remains the initial intent , we don’t put the profit first , all we want to do is do what we can for Taiwan Industry .

We insist on designing , producing , selling and listening what the consumers want all by ourselves , now we have official authorization seller in U.S.A. , England , Japan , Thailand , Philippines , China , and determined to spread all over the world .

Meanwhile , glass screen & back protectors are also DEVILCASE popular products , they provide well protection and works with bumper case perfectly .