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iPhone X Aluminum Bumper Case, TYPE H Series

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Delivery Area: Asia , Europe , America , Oceania , Africa

Material: Aluminum


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[New version] Installed without screws

for iPhone X

Precise Cutouts For All Ports

Bumper Frame Is Higher Than The Lens For Protection

 Aluminum 6061 

High-quality Laser Engraving



for iPhone X

Whole Silver




Whole Black




Black Top and Bottom + Grey Side



Black Top and Bottom + Red Side

Gold Top and Bottom
 + Rose Gold Side



Gold Top and Bottom + Red Side





TYPE H Series Aluminum Bumper Case * 1


This bumper case is compatible with Apple charging cable.


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We pack the item with a hard plastic box.
It protects the products against damage in transit.


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Q & A

Q : Will the bumper case affect 3G, 4G, WiFi signals?

A : This kind of bumper case can barely affect the signals.

Q : Will the bumper case scratch my phone?

A : The sponges padded inside the bumper case not only absorb the impacts, but also avoid the contact with surfaces of the table when your phone is put on it. However, if strong impacts make the bumper case out of shape, the broken case may scratch your phone.

Q : Is this bumper case waterproof?

A :  The bumper case is not waterproof. It can't avoid your phone from getting wet. The sponges inside the bumper will absorb the water and that may cause damages to your phone.

Q : Will the Customs charge me for the package?

A : The shipping fee does not include the Customs tax. We don't ask customers to pay for the tax before shipping.

In the past we got some complaints about the Customs charging the customers a big amount for the Customs tax in Europe and Israel.

If you need us to declare certain value or package category (documents/ gift/ sample/ Merchandise/ others) you want, please mark on your order or e-mail us before shipping. Please don't mark on the PayPal bill. However, if the package missing unfortunately, EMS will only compensate you the value we declared.

If you refuse to pay for the Customs tax and then the package is returned, we would only refund the value of items without delivery fee after we receive them. Express Mail Service wouldn’t refund the delivery fee back to you or us as well.

If you need the invoice for the Customs, please mark on your order (not on PayPal bill). We will send it with the package .