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DEVILCASE CURVED Glass Protector for iPhone

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CURVED ​Glass Protector for iPhone X

Transparent version

Privacy version


Matte version


* To make it looks fit and united with phone, CURVED glass protector covers about 2~3 mm of LCD part.


Quick Review for Application of Glass Protector

Please watch our video before installing in case it goes wrong.

(We will add English subtitle on it later)


How to Apply CURVED Glass Protector for iPhone 6/6+

0:01 - Introduce CURVED glass protector, use coin to hit the edge of it

1:51 - Use coin to hit the edge of FULL glass protector

3:40 - How to apply black CURVED glass protector

07:16 - Apply CURVED glass protector over and over

10:24 - How to apply white CURVED glass protector

12:38 - Apply CURVED glass protector over and over

14:45 - Touching test




1. CURVED Glass Protector *1

2. DIY Toolkets (Anti-slip Mat *1, Microfiber Cloth *1, Dry/Wet Wipe *1, Dust Removal Sticker *2)




It can goes with our bumper case no matter whole aluminum or TYPE X bumper case.

Covers the curved edge of phone.


This is FULL glass protector, it doesn’t surround the edge part of screen so it’d be more fragile without bumper case.


Stronger than the old one because of surrounding the edge part of phone precisely.


It has thickness about 0.65mm with glass and NIPPA glue but it doesn't affect touching.




1. Put the phone on anti-slip pad.

2. Use Alcohol pad to wipe the screen gently and use DRY cleaning pad to dry all the fluids.

3. Peel off the glass protector from the board, take it above the phone in case dust falls on screen, take the sticker and do the dust cleaning part.

4. While aiming the glass to screen, choose a corner that you are going to let go and hold it gently, don’t bend the corner.

5. Aim the speaker first would be easier, then aim to HOME button.

6. Press all those bubbles out like the way video shows, when it comes to the last corner, let go your finger.

7. Press the rest of bubble until they are all disappeared. (If there’s dust between glass and screen, kindly peel off the glass protector from black or white board part and then dust the sticky side with dust cleaning paper or transparent tape.)

8. Done.


Tips to Re-apply 3D FULL Glass Protector

1. Normal glass protector we have is transparent so if it gets scratched, the glue will be spoiled and obvious; black or white board of 3D FULL glass protector isn't transparent so even its glue get spoiled, it won't be obvious.

2. When taking off the glass, make the sticky side downwards, if you make vice versa, dust will falls on it.

3. If there’s dust between glass and screen, kindly peel off the glass protector from black or white board part and then dust the sticky side with dust cleaning paper or transparent tape; also, you have to dust the screen as well.



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We pack item with hard paper box, you don't have to worry about item damaged during delivering.


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Q & A


Q : Will the Customs charge me for the package?

A : The shipping fee does not include the Customs tax. We don't ask customers to pay for the tax before shipping.

In the past we got some complaints about the Customs charging the customers a big amount for the Customs tax in Europe and Israel.

If you need us to declare certain value or package category (documents/ gift/ sample/ Merchandise/ others) you want, please mark on your order or e-mail us before shipping. Please don't mark on the PayPal bill. However, if the package missing unfortunately, EMS will only compensate you the value we declared.

If you refuse to pay for the Customs tax and then the package is returned, we would only refund the value of items without delivery fee after we receive them. Express Mail Service wouldn’t refund the delivery fee back to you or us as well.

If you need the invoice for the Customs, please mark on your order (not on PayPal bill). We will send it with the package .